Wednesday, 30 January 2013

The back yard transformation begins... Goodbye fern garden.

About 2 weeks ago on a Sunday about 10:30ish Andrew and I discuss ripping out the fernery.

Nek minit...
 Of course, wanting desperately to have some part in the transformation I decide to pull a few ferns too, although it didn't take long for me realise that I may have over done it.
 And so I became the official photographer for the rest of the transformation, helping every now and then to pull a few more out whenever I felt like I had recovered enough.
 The Chickens feasted on 20+ courses of snails, bugs and geckos.  They ate so much I'm surprised they could move!
 About half way there and I make Andrew stop for a well earned lunch break. 

 An amazing effort for only 2 and a half hours work.
 Tired and dirty I am really proud of Andrew and the final result.  Eventually we will rip down the retaining wall we are sitting on, flatten the back yard and extend out the pergola.  Baby steps Jude, baby steps...


  1. INSANE difference! Can't wait to see more progress (stick to the photos, we need you using all your energy on that adorable bun in the oven!)

  2. A backyard transformation is a great idea. It’s a good opportunity for you to enhance the appeal of your backyard, as well as make it more functional for entertaining people who are coming over. How’s the progress? I hope you are getting closer in finishing it!

    Mitchell Knapp @ Scenic Landscaping

  3. Progress is slow but we are getting things done little by little. We have a chicken mansion in the back corner of the garden, our lemon tree was hacked back really hard and is now full of beautiful lemons, the vegie patch is now functional and we have an experimental cool climate banana plant and cherry tree waiting to be planted. Lots of work still to do but doing it with a toddler around makes like a little more tricky :-)