Friday, 8 February 2013

Chill'n with the family

Lucky me got to hang out and play with my bro, sis-in-law and adorable little nephew!  Nothing better than a pies, pasties and cakes from Beck's Bakery and chilling out on the lawn at Port Norlunga with my family.  Aahh, I love summer!  Thanks Liam for entertaining me during the car ride to your Great Grand Poppy's house (today South Road was hilarious!) and for making me laugh when you projectile vomited into Poppy's lap as soon as you saw him.
I am so grateful for such a wonderful day.  And while I wait for Andrew to come home from work I have been sitting on the couch watching my now 22 week little bubba move around my belly!  It's cool that you can actually see on the outside what I'm feeling on the inside!

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