Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Fregon, my heart breaks for you.

Fregon, my heart breaks for you today.  He was a great man, full of wisdom, love, openness and cheek.  I will have forever etched in my mind images of him greeting us as we arrived at Walalkara for the very first time, proudly showing us around his land, directing us with his hands as we drove in the car, drawing with a stick in the ground, painting his story on a canvas in the arts centre, the smile and wave we recieved as he proudly drove his 'Toyota' around the town at the cracking pace of 3km/h, asking for another jam sandwich made by me (I apparently am a little generous with the jam).  We overcame language and cultural barriers together.  Knowing him has been a real honour and privilege.  The more I found out about him the more I have been amazed.  This man was the glue that held people together, that took people in and cared for them, that has been so welcoming to the other, that has passed on his stories to us in a mix of English and Pitjantjatjara, that proved to all his innovative nature and who remembered seeing his very first white man as a boy.  He taught me so much about Anangu language and culture but most of all he taught me the value of silence.  A traditional man who has also been described as a healer.  May all that have met you be inspired.  May your family live with the wisdom that you have lived with.  Your 80 something years of life have impacted so many.  As I sit here contemplating a life lost I am reminded of a life about to begin as I sit on the couch feeling Baby Spad moving about.  I can only hope that Baby Spad will learn a little of the wisdom of such an amazing Anangu man.
Love to my Fregon Family. 

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